The Bra and Health Risks

The Bra and Health RisksThese are times of change. You may feel shy, as if everyone were looking at you. And it may be true. Everyone may be looking at you. But if they are, it is only because you are beautiful and full of life at this time.

So feel good about your changing body.

Your growing breasts will someday, if you become a mom, be able to make milk for your baby.

These are also times when retailers will begin to advertise things to you—like bras. You don’t need to wear a bra unless you are more comfortable wearing one.

A camisole may be an alternative; some of them have shelf bras built in. Our society expects women to cover their breasts. So we might begin to feel uncomfortable if our breasts show through our clothing.

However, bras that alter our shape, push our breasts up, have underwires, or cut off our circulation are associated with health concerns for women. This is a good time to begin to learn what not to buy.

The problem with bras is that they can block the circulation of the lymph system. So if you wear a bra, it should be loose enough not to leave lines on your skin when you take it off.

And, according to research on women’s health, the more time spent without a bra, the better. You can take off your bra when lounging at home and, of course, while sleeping. Plenty of time spent bra-less is an important way to learn what is natural and comfortable for your breasts.

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