Welcome to Mom and Daughter Talk

My name is Marie Zenack. I am a mom and grandmom. I have been a teacher of natural birth control for over twenty years. I trained with Family of the Americas Foundation and a variety of other schools of fertility awareness, and have taught globally – from China, to Indonesia, to the Dominican Republic to Mexico, as well as in the US.

I am the author of Mom and Daughter Talk, a book that lets you relax and enjoy this precious time with your daughter.

Read together about bodily changes, how to feel our best during our period, and how to care for ourselves and our clothing. Nutrition, sleep, health and beauty are discussed with simple and inspiring artwork.

Love, conception, pregnancy, and birth are presented in a nurturing family context. Uplifting stories about great women from history, women’s poetry and myth, and menarche celebrations from different cultures all inspire and build self-esteem for both mom and daughter.



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